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Officials Registration for 2017


This page contains links to allow you to register as a NEW official for Rally Australia 2017 – and we hope you will come along and join our family of around 1000 volunteers that help make this Kennards Hire Rally Australia a highlight of the WRC Calendar.

If you have been an official at Rally Australia in the past please do not fill in a new application – much easier & quicker for you to click here to log in and update your details and availability.

Events like Rally Australia do not happen unless we have the cooperation and assistance of more than 1000 officials, who not only help run the event but also are vital to providing a welcoming atmosphere, showcasing our country and the Coffs Coast region and sending visitors home with good impressions.

With so many officials needed there is a wide variety of roles available, many of which require no previous experience while others, such as medical and recovery teams and scrutineers, who inspect vehicles for safety and compliance with technical regulations, require specialised equipment and/or skills.

Roles in areas such as Stage Closure Marshals (formerly known as Road Closures), Public Safety Marshals (formerly known as Spectator Management), Service Park and Event Operations need enthusiastic people with some common sense (and a willingness to get up early to head out for the day!). The event will help you get up to speed in the jobs you are allocated to.

We guarantee that as a volunteer official you will be made to feel welcome at the event and will have the opportunity to meet many people with similar interests. Many long-lasting friendships have started at events like this and as a bonus you will get to see the best rally crews in the world as they compete in this international event.

If you are wanting to become part of our officials family for the first time, please complete the Officials Application form and we will be in touch very shortly (as you might imagine it does take a little bit of time to work through this process – and we are all volunteers just like you!)

For further information, please contact the Rally Australia team.


Rights of Officials

The health and safety of Officials of Rally Australia is of prime importance.

· Officials will receive the appropriate training and support to enable them to carry out their duties safely and efficiently.

·  Officials will be appointed to a position appropriate to their level of competence and qualifications.

·  Officials will be treated with respect, professionalism, dignity and courtesy at all times, particularly by other officials.

· Officials will have a clear line of management.

·  Officials will be encouraged to participate in the debrief process and have their contributions heard and recorded.

Code of Ethics

Officials of Rally Australia will:

· Place safety and welfare above all else
· Accept responsibility for all actions taken
· Be impartial
· Avoid any situation which may lead to a conflict of interest
· Be courteous, respectful and open to interaction
· Seek continual improvement through training, performance appraisal and regular updating of competencies
· Be positive role models in behaviour and personal appearance
· Maintain equal opportunity and harassment free sport practices

Officials’ Commitments

Minimum Days

The minimum ‘service’ requirement to qualify for free entry to spectator points and the officials after party is 2 days between the Thursday and Sunday of the event week.

Officials who can only commit to a single day will be placed on a stand-by list for that day, and will be allocated to fill vacancies close to the event.  These vacancies may be in any category / area, and may not involve working near competitive vehicles.

Exceptions will be considered – people who live along a remote area of the course and are prepared to do a stage security role for that stage are one possible example … any such exception MUST be applied for during the initial registration process.


Officials are not to consume any alcohol while on duty or at any breaks during the day.

To ensure good governance and duty of care; random alcohol breath testing may be conducted on competitors and officials participating in Rally Australia as per the CAMS Policy and Procedures list in the CAMS web site

The limit for officials is 0.01 – anyone found in excess of this while “on duty” will be removed from duty and may face penalties imposed by the event and/or CAMS.

Event Commitments


An individual will be issued with the following numbers of shirts, based on the number of days they are scheduled to work.

Scheduled Days     Shirts
1                                1
2 or 3                       2
4 or more               3

All shirts issued to an official will be of the SAME SIZE. A wide range of shirt sizes will be available ranging from Extra Small to 5XL –  Shirt size selection is to be made during the registration process.

Some specialist areas may receive an extra allocation depending on the requirements of their positions.


A choice of either a ‘bucket’ style hat or a visor cap will be available. Hat style selection is to be made during the registration process.

After Party

The after party is open to ALL accredited officials of the event on presentation of their hard-card at the door.  This will be held in Coffs Harbour on Sunday evening from 6pm.  Officials will receive one meal voucher and two drink vouchers on entry

Officials under the age of 18 years are welcome to attend the meal and presentations function but will need to leave the premises by 10:30pm.

Once you have registered on-line and had your role and roster confirmed, you will need to sign on after arriving in Coffs Harbour in event week and collect your pass, apparel and other material. Please keep checking this page for information on the location, opening hours and contact information for the Officials Centre.


Check the links below to see if you have been photographed working as a Rally Australia official.

PLEASE NOTE: All images are owned by Rally Australia. They are free to download – but only for your personal use! Commercial reproduction is prohibited.